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Kismo 4,3" race exhaust 20-11-2005



Finally I got round to building the “Kismo” race spec exhaust Ive been thinking about, the inside diameter is 108 mm and the stainless steel is only 1mm thick so its very lightweight, an utter nightmare to TIG weld, especially onto the flange plate the connects the down pipe and new section.

Basically I had three targets, reduce back pressure to lower EGT’s and help spooling up the turbo, reducing the overall weight of the car and finally, a sound that would justify this engine build. I chose to use the HKS titanium rear muffler as its light weight and sounded awesome on my previous car, the Supra.


I have been inspired by the American’s that has been building huge exhaust systems for the Toyota Supra and has had good results, dyno and drag proven so I thought I’d give it a go, Hell it cost me 110 Gbp to build it,.


I believe I have achieved all of the above, the spool of the turbo actually increased by 0,24 bar of boost more at 4000 rpm it and reached the set test boost of 1,5 bar 350-420 (depending on the turbo temperature) rpm early'er.


Actually the spool increase was very noticeable, it felt like I had gone from a rubber boost piping to hard piping, I that gives you an idea.


EGT’s was hard to determine as the ambient tonight was under 0 degress C, the highest I saw was 20 degrees under normal, the was during 3-4 3000-9000 rpm pulls in 4.gear.


Aaaaah, the sound. I had a friend drive away from me ,and past me “slowly” and the sound is very deep, you can almost tell the exhaust material is very thin, its like the exhaust pulses “klings” in the piping and you can hear the deeper sound that the 2,7 liter conversion has made.


The weight is 6,6 kg and that represents just about half the weight of the existing HKS super Dragger exhaust,.


I actually had bonus, during this build I discovered a new way to route the piping which enabled me to make a much tighter fit between the car and piping which gave me some 4 cm more clearance which is both handy for, getting over speed bump or into drive ways, but also the airflow under the car is increased or at least wind resistance underneath is reduced. That was a right result as I dreading to fit a 110 mm “outside diameter” piping under the car.


Pictures are in under photos, the other exhaust is the Super Dragger and it uses a 90mm “outside diameter” piping note the difference in size and also how much smother the bends I have made on the new piping to reduce back pressure.