Pictures                GT-K specs

Ok guyís and girlís this might chock a lot of you which keep track of my site,, and I suspect you will not agree with what Ive done.

To cut it very short, Ive sold the Kismo Gtr, yes Im sorry but everything has to come to an end I guess.Basically I felt after the Dhb event I had achieved every goal I set out to with my Gtr, first goal back in 2004 was to post a quarter mile in less than 11,00 Secs which I managed during my 2. run ever, back in 2005.Just a funny note to add, Ive done some 15 drag passes in total now and the car has only ever been in the 11ís twice, first pass I ever did was 11,1x and then once I almost stalled during the launch which netted an 11,9, other than that its always been 10ís which looking back at it, Im very proud of.

Another goal was to build an everyday 900 hp car which would be as reliable as the orig car, ok we wont know the total kilomters for it come but Ive covered some 20000 km now and Ive done nothing but changing oil, not even spark plugs.

So in short when the car had become  so reliable and I donít get that special buzz from running it anymore and not feeling as excited as I used too during the early development process I decided its time too move on.

I thought/think I need a new challenge now.So it was time to call a few people that had given me some offers in the past, and thats what I did.

My first call was my partner from Z-racing in Switzerland and he bid me a very good price plus he knew about a good option/challenge for me to go to, as my new project.

So all in all, he has bought the car and led me to Elite Garage in Zuswil and showed me an astonishing current Porsche Gt2 build.The car had been the Eliteís Garage owner for some 2 years and this guy was unbelievable, the maintenance and money he had spent at various Porsche garages just to maintain and check his car was unreal.First up I was presented to this complete folder with bills, it was like bloody book, when I calculated quickly he had spent some 200000 $ us. just modifying and maintaining this car, seriously when the car needed a wash he had it hand washed at a authorised Porsche dealer.

He bought the car as a stock 996 X50 model, the X50 is basically a Gt2 with 4wd and rear seats, Its an American version between the 996 turbo with 420 hp and the Gt2.The X50 sports 450 hp in stock trim and its running Gt2 turbos, intercoolers, brakes and suspension.

To name a few of the modifications he had done was, having a complete Gt3 race suspension setup done, which includes KW variant 4 race spec dampers and springs, every bush in the suspension has been changed,Gt2 race spec brakes, the geometry has been changed for circuit use, the front wheel drive has been deleted and every part of it has been taken out to lighten the car some 90 kg, in order to make the most weight saving he even had a NEW Gt2 gearbox installed.He then ditched the rear seats and had the Gt2 role cage fitted even with a carbon lap timer installed, then two race Recaro seats, Gemballa instruments and steering wheel.

Then he had the rear section (fenders) widened 2,5cm each side, basically they have cut opened the rear arches and welded in 2,5cm of sheet metal each side and formed it perfectly.The car is now able to run 11,5x19 wheels with 325,25,19 Advan sport tyres even with a 15mm spacer each side which has lowered the centre of gravity dramatically.

Last but not least Sportec has given the car a mild engine upgrade to 511 hp and 691 nm of torque which included a carbon ramair airbox, complete exhaust system with 100 cells katís and an engine management reprogram.

This was a few of the most aggressive mods, which leads me to explain why I bought it.

Have you noticed one thing he did not do properly???

Right on, who can stand running only 511 hp and 691 nm with such an otherwise awesome setup?? Yup thats right.This car has had everything done but the engine has been left alone and that is my new challenge.I could not have wished for a better platform to build from.

Ive had the car some three weeks now and Ive modified the turboís wastegates,their compressor housing and a few other bits and bobs to enhance spool up and top end flow.

Ive reprogrammed the Sportec engine management and Ive raised the set boost from 0,95 bar to 1,45 which I belive has taken my power beyond 600 hp and now its starting to feel a bit more Japanese J if you know what I mean.

I will keep looking for more power but this time round Im building a circuit car and not a drag minded car, my current goal for the project is to dyno more than 650 hp and more than 800 nm at max 4200 rpm which will give me a very powerfull yet very driveable car.

Looking at drag times, Im not sure, I guess if I can post an 11,500 ET and trap more than 205 km/h Im happy but its not important this time round but Iíll try it.I will keep you all informed on the progress here..

My new project will be named Porsche GT-K.The ĒKĒ will represent the Kismo garage.The Porsche will not be named Kismo as the name was adopted from Nismo, Nissan Motorsport which belongs to my previous Kismo GTR.

And to all the Japanese freaks, please forgive me I needed a new challenge and who knows, maybe I will be back again building a Kismo Gtr II ???.

Untill then enjoy the pictures, some movies will soon be posted, Im planning some dyno running and a few quarter mile tests, just to give an indication on our horsepower progress by analysing some trap speeds.