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Psycho Supra II 

Psycho Supra II has been reborn.

As alot of close friends could see after I sold my Supra  I kind of missed it, every other sentence included my Supra this, Supra that.

Still I was trying to convince myself I had enough Japanese super car with the Kismo Gtr but after the 2005 summer I could not stand this any more and started sourcing a new Supra without telling anyone.

Its Saturday night, end of February and my girlfriend is watching tv while Im online searching.There it was suddenly, its red and looks so nice and below it met my max  kilometer criteria reading of 100000 km, it had only 92xxx on the clock.

I grabbed the phone and called the dealer and within 2 days I was in North England picking up the new baby as the first owner in UK and only the second owner in total.At first when I saw it on the sales add, the Supra red did’nt look to bad,Ive always hated the orig dull red Supra colour so I thought this was repainted in a brighter shade,,, but when I saw in first time it was the good ol’ red hmmm.

Anyhow the dealer gave me the key and said, this is finest example Ive ever seen (yeah right I thought).He then said I challenge you, find anything that is not in perfect condition?.

At first I looked, for oil spill from either gearbox or engine and there was nothing, then  for a rusty exhaust.Thats when I got my chock, When I was observing the bottom end of the car the I noticed the rear diff was like new, not even dirty.I then looked at the suspension arms, they were like new as well and I could even see the orig parts sticker on there with the part number still visible.Seriosly this car has hardly seen rain or dirt i believe.

I could’nt believe my luck, I had him start it up while oberserving the exhaust for smoke and nothing was visible, I just could’nt believe my luck.In the end I said deal and I drove away.

As I arrive back home I thinking of the tuning rutine and start making a list of stuff to purchase, and  as damn usual it comes to about 4 times as much as you have budgetted for so I kind of gave up then and had to start start saving.

Some weeks wear on and Im very close to start ordering parts when I get a call if I was interested I might be able to buy my old crashed Supra back.

Thinking about it, it could save me money, and deffinatly alot of time and so I said I was interested.Two weeks went by and then we agreed to a price (my original budget plan J ) so I was gone to collect it right away.

There and then I felt it for the first time after the crash (new owners crash) , my Supra which had cost me 1500+ working hours was smashed to bits but its heart was still beating and it was still  breathing.I felt like its spirit said ”help me”, so I decided there and then to use as many parts as posible from it, even if I had to rebuild/restore the parts no matter how many hours or complications involved.

So I simply made the decision to resurect Psycho Supra as Psycho Supra II (PS II)

Its now May, Ive bloody done it!!!

The new Psycho Supra has be reborn and only part Ive not been able to use is its wheels and exhaust system, They are simply not fix’able so Ive ordered some new wheels which is even lighter and and at least as good looking, the exhaust system Ive had to build to the existing Kakimoto rear part to the Trust front part.

The new Supra is way more detailed than the PS I.As I described in the beginning I did not like the colour so I decided to respray the entire car in a very rare colour.In 1998 a Supra was sold in the US in a Toyota colour called Quick Silver.I was in search for something new and rare, so I opted for this.No picture does this colour justice PERIOD! It is really special, its both silver, green, gold and grey with alot of sparkle.Basically I was painting my car without even having seen a colour card, I simply ordered the paint and got on with it, so of course when we applyed the first coat I was over the moon.Even in the paint booth it looked stunning, the green sparkling was very clear already  then.

So now the build up was to start and to say the least, I hope its the last time Im doing that, maaaan what a job.While the assembly got under way I kept finding small things to paint, polish or redo in a lighter material.I simply could not start assemling the car cause everytime I got hold of part to fit I had to modify or make it look nicer.

To cut a long story short, Ive repolished every alloy part in the engine bay back to its (PS I) gloss, but also the role cage Ive high gloss polished this time.Every accesible screw has been replaced with new screws,washers and bolts all cut to specific lenght to save weight.Every part inside the car has been hand washed and cleaned throughly untill it was like new and Ive made a very trick electronic system to control both fuel pumps and all interior accesories.

Things missing is still fitting the HKS Hipermax II suspension but as all the other parts Im about to carry out a few tricks with them as well, I have become very good friends with a Kayaba Expert who build Yamaha moto cross dampers for a living and he will optimise them to my personal requests.He stated the udjustments between them from the factory is very poor ( I guess you learn something everyday).  

When wheels and dampers are here and ready in a few weeks time, I will assemble these last three things and then the build up will be complete.Untill then I will not officially name tag the car Psycho Supra II.



The Euro spec brakes is now fitted , Ive just rebuild the calipers with new gaskets and O’ rings.

The Hipermax suspension is revalved and fitted.

The awesome Volk wheels is fitted with Yokohama Advan tyres. 


Today and to be exact, its the 15th of May and the car was run as Psycho Supra II for the first time,        and at 2:34 pm it laid it first set of black stripes on the road.Yes boys and girls it a reality, it has be reborn and is here to stay, its spirit will never die, at least not before I do!.

Please enjoy the build up pictures.


Last but not least, thanks to my freinds and family mentioned below, in randoom order.

My girlfriend Katja withstanding, my never ending crazy car adventures

Morten Asnæs garage J

Lada by night J

Jarnbo  Paint shop

Marcus rudetoning

Smølfen helping me out with the auto trailer

SPI for wheels

Ras and Allan,Yokohama Denmark

Mik sorting out the deal with Psycho I


Thanks guys,


Kismo a proud Supra owner again.