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Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo

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Who is Z-Racing ?

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Z-Racing is a company based in Switzerland, we are car nuts and have basically at the moment started an import of very special and selected Japanese cars.Both outright racing cars and normal street cars.We are at present building a showroom and workshop near Zurich and we will announce an opening during 2006.

Our bussiness mainly will be, selling our Japanese cars, service, tuning and maintaince of the cars.We will unlike alot of tuners actually, (and as you could see during 2005) attend just about any track day or competition in southern Germany, North France, Italy and Switzerland and therefore provide our special customers with support like no other.

We will bring our truck packed with tools, electronics, spareparts and Japanese mechanics and myself to assist with, and service your cars.We will act like a team and you can be part of it, we do not like to loose and therefore we will not give in to your requirements, we will build whatever you need, to put it another way.We will try and suply you with a car that will make you the limiting factor thats our target.

Who is my partner? , Well he is a complete car nut which has surfed every page on the internet,read every car tuing magazine and knows everything practical about Japanese cars especially.He had started to import the cars before we joined up.He bought the cars for himself but always ended up having no car after a short period of time as private people wanted to, and actually bought the cars.

He ended up with his customers coming back for a service and maintaince, he could not help them, the only way he could help was to rent Japanese mechanics from Japan to come to Switzerland to work on the cars and then they went back after, a very expensive routine as you can imagine.

Its 2005 and Im in Italy doing other bussiness and Im in need of an investing partner, I called my friend in Switzerland and to cut a long story short I ended up not doing any deal in Italy at all.I ended up staying in Switzerland the entire summer planning Z-Racing.We both had same interests, we both loved Japanese cars and we both had a dream of building and selling these cars.He had the finance and customers and I had the mechanical skill, market knowledge, and being able to setup a race or street car.So we teamed up and now we are moving.

Why have we not built our cars entirely self? Well because it started as my friends personal hobby and his intention was not even to sell the cars.To be honest I did suggest my partner to build our own cars like my Kismo R34, but I realised with our partners in Japan we can suply whatever base setup we need, and fine tune it here, it is cheaper and much easier for us to deal with.

Should you have interest in buying our cars please feel free to contact via my email INFO@KISMO.DK