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My project story:

Basically this project started along time ago, back in 2007 I sold the GTR, I was getting bored building Supra and GTR’s, I have build some 10 complete projects of both types of cars and needed a new challenge and.I did’nt get any exitement through my Japanese builds as I had found the perfect setup for 800-1000 hp setups.I was basically a robot just spitting out Supra or Gtr’s.

I bought the Porsche GT2 in 2007 and started modifying its engine and had really good results in the process but it never gave me a feeling I had done something unusual or special like I felt with my first Supra or Kismo Gtr ”which both still runs today 3-4 years after completion”.

Late 2007 I sold the Porsche and ended up buying my Kismo Gtr back within a week or so.2008 I was back in the Gtr enjoying myself but did’nt improve or modify anything.

During 2008 I started seing these Gallardo turbo builds in America, and to cut a long story short I absolutly fell in love with the idea building my own Gallardo twin turbo and was so very fortunate during December 2008 to locate a prime example in Scandinavia with only 14200 kms on the clock.I bought it and had an early Christmas present I guess, maybe the best gift Ive ever been given haha.

Despite ALOT of planning it proved to be a tough challenge as I could not buy ANYTHING of the shelf unlike Supra and Gtr’s.So I had to weld, measure, create wiring looms and modify many areas on the Lambo to make it accept this turbo install.The most challenging areas was the electronics as Lamborghini would not suply me with a ECU wiring loom diagram so I had to ”Ohm out” every pin the the ECU plugs and I’ll have you know this car already stock runs 2 ECU’s, one per side of engine, which is 4 plugs and some 150 pins to verify its function! Bloody nightmare I tell ya’.

The fuel system was also pretty tricky as I actually thought the stock system would suply 6-700 hp demands my Nooooo way, not even close.So I had to design a whole new setup which also could sustain alot of G’s accelerating and cornering without fuel starvation, so Ive built a double ”tank in tank” system with a spliced double fuel returns as proper race cars utilise.

The ECU’s was another challenge as my Gallardo is an Egear which its orig. ECU’s rely alot on the stock ECU’s signals to control throttle blipping during downchanges etc etc.So I build a system with AEM units that was able to keep fuel in check from whenever the car hits ”plus atmospheric pressure” the tricky part here was when to decide the AEM’s to take over the control of fueling to obtain as smooth entry into boosted territory.

Through alot of testing Ive now managed to obtain a stock like feeling, no one can feel the ride through all the ECU’s apart from a moddest 250 hp increase J of course.Ive done some 4500 kms now without any reliabilty issues what so ever.Seriuosly, I believe the Gallardo could end up being the next cult tuner car within a few years, its potential is unreal to say the least.Very ridgid chassis, strong transmission and great function, no overheating issues and looks like a million Dollars, I just love the Gallardo appearence from every angle.

Ive not put up every single picture during my build.unlike before I wanted to share everything, this time I decided things was very getting very difficult and could have been very costly if I F….. up during my experiments.So forgive me keeping my fuel system and engine build undisclosed. 

Latest update is a water/ICE tank fabricated in alloy which holds some 16 liters of water with a drawer which can hold 2-3 kilograms of dry ice as an ekstra precation or power increase option.I will post pictures of the tank shortly, Im just painting it like my boost pipe, orig Lambo black.


Thank you:

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I hope you enjoy the pictures and demonstration movies, soon to come J