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Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo

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Who am I ?



How should I start,I guess asking myself some questions would be the way to go.


Who am I and why am I doing this?.


Im A guy 27 years old who has always enjoyed racing since the age of ten when I started karting,naturally through karting I got my technical interests and thats what I am enjoying at the moment.


Ever since I got my driving license I have bought just about every car magazine and read every article on the web about interesting cars,in other words , about tuned cars.


I then in 1998 bought my self a Bmw 320 I which I then started putting an airfilter,steering wheel,body kit,bigger wheels,exhaust system and so on.I really thought it was such a pleasure to modify my own car and an even bigger pleasure to drive it after and conclude that the work I had carried out actually functioned correct,on another note I enjoyed the image the car gave me,it was like I could ekspress myself through the car,show what kind of person I am.


This was what got the ball rolling,I eventually ended up building a 2,7 liter engine for the 320 I and to say the least,that car was ,sooo not ready for a 200 bhp engine,and I ended up in a ditch.On the way into the ditch a wooden pole had grabbed hold of the rear suspension and actually twisted the entire chassis.

I was then on a new car hunt but only this time I was after some serious performance,not only from the engine but handling wise.What else than a Bmw E30 M3 could I look at,only to find out the prices was just about 4 times my budget.

I then through a friend located a E30 M3 without engine and gearbox  for only 2000 Gbp,how could I refuse that?.

So I began to work on the new car and the 2,7 liter engine and running gear ended up in the M3.


Its 1999 and a friend of mine had always been following  my build of the car, and now an M3 had become his dream car,he turned 18, got a licens and again to cut it short,he bought the car.


I then bought a Peugeot 306 GTI,which I was happy with  but was lacking some 40 hp to match my BMW,I then started porting head,changing cams,exhaust,filter and in the end fitted throttle body’s with EFI management,whoow now maybe I could crack the 200 hp barrier?,it did at some 8000+ revs and I was happy.

Then I met a new friend who had been tuning cars since he was 12 years old,he had a Peugeot 106 Rallye 1,3.Only he had moved up a step on the tuning latter,he had built his own turbo kit and to say the least!!!!  He absolutely fucked my tuned 306 Gti.

He told me how he had been fed up with spending hours and hours no to mention money on normally aspirated engines only to find typical 15 hp,so he had now started to turbo convert his cars and he thought he had made the right decision,,I was thinking to myself,he was so right.

I was just amased the torque that little 1,3 engine could put out ,and that really pushed me into the turbo thoughts.


Research began and I simply could not make ends meet,parts were so expensive with such a project,let alone try to build it myself,.So I contacted my friend and said please help me,we then agreed to meet at his work was winter 1999 and the next 6 days either of us did not see daylight as we turbo converted my 306.

This was a very very tight budget so many solutions very simply crazy thinking back at it ,.So to cut a VERY LONG story short and NOT tell you how you can break 5 turbos,4 pistons and setting fire to your car in the middle of nowhere 4am in morning I will let that to your imagination.


After two weeks and many many many hours in the workshop I left with a turbo’ed 306 which at that time ran pretty good.To be honest I actually think the car was faster normally aspirated but now I had the turbo sound and all ,and the car was running.

I came home and 4 days later the car came to halt on the motorway in cloud of smoke,the turbine aksel had snapped and good old mom had to tow me home.


I then got so fed up with this turbo building that I thought about building back to normally aspirated,but the torque and the way the turbo delivered power just felt so nice that I decided to start all over again.

I then from all I had learned “the very hard way” designed a new turbo kit my self and finally built it.


Yeehaa it worked,and I managed to run for some 10000 miles with only minor problems like spark plugs failing now and then,that was just about the only problems I had.Eventually the fuel consumtion was killing me,at that time I did know much about mapping and adjusting fueling on electronic injection so after some 3 month doing only 5km pr liter of fuel I gave up,simply unbolted my turbo kit and sold it.I then built it back to the old throttle body conversion.


Its now 2000 and and another of my friends decided to sell his Escort Cosworth which was an all time dream for me but way to expensive,this car had been badly maintained and he could not overcome to fix it so he was fed up, and wanted rid of it asap.I saw my chance and gave him a bid for it but he refused,we then ended up swapping cars and I gave him some money on top,and then my dream was realised.


I was now the owner of a proper 4x4 turbo car which looked as good as it drove,I had the car for 2 weeks and then it all fell to bits,prop shafts breaking,head gasket blowing,radiator leaks,gearbox started to whine and in the end after I had repaired all these things the bottom end let go.


I was now in for a full rebuild and had NO money,I saved and sold just about all I had that was worth anything and then I ordered parts for the rebuild.


Its now 2003 and in these couple years I learned just about everything about building a strong engine and all the of the electronic parts around it.During these years I had ordered  an Omex stand alone ECU, I knew nothing about it ,but read and asked many people how to work it and then actually learned from myself to map an engine management,I even made my own entire wiring loom.

I made a lot more power now with the new ecu and started to push the engine and as you would ecspect I blew it up,basically melted a piston cause of detonation.


I then rebuilded the engine again and had the knowledge I needed to know the boundaries of engine tuning so I ended up with 569 hp and 592 nm which I drove with for some 30000 km.The car was awesome.Cause I produced so much power the gearbox went/blew once amonth and in the end I opted for a rallycross item, a 6 speed straight cut dog box.This was the biggest investment Ive ever made on a single item for my car but I have to say,maybe the best one.This gearbox just exstracted so much more power from the car and the lightning shifts I could make now just made the car even better.

I was over the moon and loved the car,I had a reliable 550+ hp everyday vehicle and I had just about built it all myself.


Then it happened,a friend of mine had bought a Toyota Supra in America and had it inspected in my friends workshop.He then asked me if wanted to sit passenger as he was very impressed with its performance,I said yes.That was maybe the biggest mistake I could have made,,,then.

Looking back I made the right decision.

This 700 hp car drove like a normal car with no whining straight cut gearbox,no noisy exhaust and had a lot of bottom end power from the 3 liter engine.

He then floored it,,,to this day I can not believe the impression it gave me,it sent us forward like nothing I had tried before and I was so impressed,the power,the sound and the driveability was just on another level.

We then came back to the workshop and he told me about the mods on it and that it was basically a stage 2 tuning programme.


Fuuuck me,I thought.Imagine what a properly build one would go like.

I then drove home in my Escort and went on the internet and sourced some Supra’s around the world,the time had come,you know it…The Escort had to go.


I then sold the Escort and sourced my Supra in North Wales,there she was in Silver.That drive back home 1200 km was the best ride I had had in my life,I just planned how to build,how to style,wheels etc etc.I knew I had found one of the worlds tuning monsters.


I was back home now and I was lucky to sell alot of my old Escort Cosworth parts so I had some money available for tuning,I then just went online with a friend who just had build a 800 hp specification Supra and he then guided me through what I needed.

The parts arrived and I’ll tell you,it was like Christmas,to give you an idea of the motivation I had.Me and my friend built my stock Supra into a 800 hp specification and started the engine after 23 hours and 51 minutes.We had changed every part on the engine but the bottom end.


That evening when it fired up for the first time now with a T88H-34D turbo blowing through a 4” complete exhaust system,I could not believe my ears,the sound that car made was in the league of  high end exotics,to this day I have not heard any better sounding car than a Supra with HKS 4” Titanium exhaust system,period.


I then through 2003 mapped the car and did many experiments and had a car which would wheel spin from 160 km/h,bloody scary.It would hit 300 km/h in some 20 seconds,STILL with a stock bottom end.


Its February 2004 and the weather is getting better and Im out in the Supra testing some ideas that I developed during the winter,suddenly my baby has blue smoke behind on the over run and I know what the score is,pistons are starting to fail.

Come home and yes cylinder 5 and 6 is covered in oil,so rebuild here we come.


I thought long about this rebuild,I mean the stock bottom end was reliable to 800 hp,should I try to built an even stronger engine than that?? Of course I should,everything but the crankshaft was replaced with uprated parts,basically every part I used had a label saying “1000 hp proven”.


I built the new engine and had so many nice results through 2004,won a drift competition and various drag racing events,only grip was the main issue on the this car,it simply could not put any power down under 180 km/h.I then started to make many suspension changes and some aerodynamic tweaks here and there.These mods worked very well but never as good as I had hoped,in Denmark there is the annual drag event to find the quickest street car in Denmark,I entered the competion but I could not compete as my car was UK registred.They allowed me to run any way and I came away that weekend with a 10,84 214,5 on the quarter mile.Which I was pretty happy with,but I encountered a boost problem that weekend,the engine would not boost more than 1,66 bar..


I then found out that the dumpvalve had come loose and the boost was leaking into the asmosphere,I fixed the problem and After that repair I went for a dyno run as I had no idea how much power the car was putting out.I recorded 800,7 hp and 857 nm at 1,85 bar boost on 98 octane street fuel.


I then entered a drag event called Race X.I knew this weekend I could break my record,I had changed nothing ,but the leaking dumpvalve,but I knew it would mean a lot getting of the line with such a big turbo charger and of course provide me with more power as the boost was increased compared to last time round.


1.attempt I did a 10,71 215 km/h but I made a false start,I was so gutted as I did not want to apply any more drag launches on the car but I had to have an official time better than my 10,84 so I went again as I knew I could beat it now,only the second run I was in the “rhythm” to make an even better start.


2. attempt 10,48 215,5 km/h YES I did it,and I was so happy,I had built a car and engine that  proved very strong and reliable and even had a time slip to prove it,its was not the time that was so important,it was that I set a goal and made it with a car I had build.


The summer wore on but I was really getting fed up with this no traction, at the drag events it did’nt matter as I used proper drag tyres,with could provide tons of grip but only in a straigt line,.i wanted a car that could drag,circuit and street race on the same tyre.I thought I was asking for too many things at the same time and would have a big problem to solve this one.


So I looked into which super car could apply traction and at the same time make a corner on a circuit WITHOUT having to fit specific tyres.

You’ve all guessed it,what other car than the Nissan Skyline R34.


Its late summer 2004 and and I had found a buyer for the Supra but he could not provide the money just at that time for the Supra so I had a big problem as there was already a R34 that I had a very good deal going on with in UK.So what do you do,sell all you have,borrow money,and then sell some more.


I was so close but I could not raise the money,but then my good old mother understood her sons big dilemma and came to the rescue and borrowed me the last bit of money YEES.I then went and collected the car ,whooooah can you imagine what a feeling that ride home was like,I sat in one of the most respected,most advanced super tuning cars the world had ever seen and I was the owner,the Skyline R34 was mine,the deal,the money everything had happened so quick so I had not realised what I had actually achived.That ride home was just a dream,every stop for fuel on the way home I just enjoyed other people starring at the car and people giving thumbs up on the motorway “and a few giving me the finger”.


I then came back just to find out the guy to buy my Supra had some economical problems and I had lost my buyer.That was a pretty serious situation as I had two cars to insure and to pay a little loan from my mom back.Anyhow I worked my way out of it and by October I had wheeled and dealed my way to the tuning parts for the stage 1 configuration.


Building the stage 1 was such a challenge,I could never source the information I needed,I would call abroad to various tuners,search the net,but still be short of the information I set out to get.

When I had my Supra I collected every bit of information from or,these sites had just about every DIY tip for the Supra owner who wanted to build their own car.


Basically I discovered that the majority of peolple that own Skylines are people that get their cars built and serviced by a workshop or tuner,and if you would contact a tuner you actually had a better chance of dating Britney Spears than attaining the information you required.


But I had luck,I have a friend, a quite famous guy within the Gtr inviroment Mario that has .I could be forgiven by a lot of people if I say that Mario has built maybe the most powerfull RB26 engine the world had ever seen,so I had the best source I could dream of when I had my technical questions concerning my new build,the majority of my questions was how much the stock bottom end would take.Various Bristish tuner said,oooh no more than 8000 rpm and no more than 1,3-1,4 bar boost.

Mario had run his engine to 9000 and 2 bar boost,,I took the chance and ran my engine the same way during my stage 1 and it held together.I must admit though after 12000 miles like this, when I decided to build stage 2, I found the engine mainly the bearing were shot,absolutely worn out but Mario was right,it would last if I would be treat it good,oil changes,heating up properly and not engine break too much as the rod bolts are the weak point in the stock bottom end.


Another person I had a lot of help from was Andy Barnes from Sumopower,he had just built a mega spec R34 which was a UK HKS demo car so he knew what parts was available on the market,,,not that Im a HKS man.Id like to stress that I prefer to choose bits from various aftermarket producers and it can be Trust,JUN,HKS or whatever,I don’t  look at the brand,I look at what I believe will be best for my application.


My stage 1 ran successfully and I even reached my goal of getting a 0-300 km/h time under 20 seconds,on STOCK bottom end.And I learned a lot about the characteristics of the RB26 engine and they way I should/could map it.I also learned its weak point was bottom end power.Power under 4500 rpm was non existent with the T88 turbo,how could I spool up that bigger turbo? Or even make better off boost driveability.


Of course I had noticed Mario’s engine was 2,7 liters,so I figured that ,that ekstra capacity should help me spool up quicker and the longer stroke should give me some more torque low down of boost.Slowly my stage 2 was shaping up in my mind.

Mario introduced me to Mrs.Haruna Tanaka the daughter of Junichi Tanaka who is the owner of JUN auto mechanic in Japan,they had built Mario’s engine so I trusted their products.I then got familiar with my estimated cost of building such an engine so I decided to wait several month,dooooh.


February a new Supra costumer turned up and away she went,mom got payed,I bought a tv and other goods I had sold to finance the car and tuning, stage 2 would soon be realised.


April 2005 I had eventually saved up some money and already sold the many of my stage 1 parts so I could order the stage 2 parts.So I called Haruna at JUN and ordered, 4 weeks later I had a proper 1000 hp engine on my floor in my living room.

Seriously,these engine parts from JUN just blew me away,I’ll tell you the machined quality Ive have never seen before,they looked so nice it was a shame to hide them inside an engine,that’s why I grapped the camera once again and you can see them under photo’s stage 2.


The engine was put together,run in, and I drove of to the tuner GP at Hockenheim,only to suddenly find my cooling system was over heating and it threw up all the water whenever I applied boost.

I had driven 850 km only to find I had encountered some mechanical failure.So I drove only one lap in anger and actually finished 4th ,I had to be happy with that as the timed session was 30 mins and I only did a single lap.

I then nursed it back 850 km and took it apart the following morning,the head gasket had blown.I could not understand it as I had not had any detonation or overheating during mapping.I did not want to just change the gasket I wanted to know why and during my investigation I found I had bought a wrong gasket, I had bought a 86mm gasket ,but the JUN stroker kit was now 87 mm.


Result,I located the problem and bought a HKS drag gasket kit,Andy Barnes advised me that was the strongest gasket money could buy and it was 88mm.I have yet to prove him wrong,its holding together perfect.


2005 has been such a pleasure,I have attend various track days,drag events,shows and driven my car to every event and had a realiabel car.Ive have had so much fun and achieved all the goals I set out to achieve with this car,” look under specs,bottom section”.The last and most difficult one was to get over 220 km/h in just 402 meters,the quarter mile as most know it.


I made a camshaft change and bought the new just launched AEM engine management for Skyline,with these changes I achieved a lot more power and did not loose any bottom and,simply the advanced knock configuration of the AEM allowed me to advance the ignition to the limit and that gave me more respons and quicker spool up.The camshafts gave that more power at the higher revs so in 4th gear at the end of the strip I had good power still.When I cross the line Im hitting 9000 rpm and my old slightly more concervative camshaft setup had started to loose power at that amount of rpm.


Today im just such a happy man,Ive got a Skyline and its running so well and Ive built it all myself.Ive learned so much during all the cars Ive had,Ive always learned the hard way and I believe that’s whats given me the attention to detail now when I build engines or what ever I build.

The Skyline is still getting ever more and more popular in Europe and my new mission is to spread and share all my experiences with other Skyline owners.Simply the problem I encountered when I startet tuning my car I want to eliminate.My target is that when you have a Skyline and you want to work/tune it your self, you should be able to go online and collect the information you need.


Some tuners will not like that idea, but Im a consumer and I like to be able to attain information without sitting for hours to a foreign country on the phone to get a blurred answer.Ive done it myself now and I will now share this is the place to visit to be able to get an answer these days,Ive shared much already and I will continuously visit this forum to receive and provide information.


Untill then I wish you Gtr owners and other “garage tuners” good luck and hope you can get some questions answered from my build,remember pictures says more that 1000 words you know.