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Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo

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Kismo R34 Specifiaction:



Nismo GT block

JUN 2,7 steel crankshaft.

JUN connecting rods.

JUN/Cosworth pistons Hyper alloy berylium.

JUN oil pump.

JUN main bearing studs.

Trust sump extension.

Nismo bearings.

Nismo N1 waterpump

Fully race balanced crank assembly done by Toptrim.DK


Cylinder head:

JUN camshafts in/ex

Kismo race ported cylinder head with matched manifolds in/ex.

JUN valvesprings and titanium retainers.

Altered compression ratio.

Altered combustion champer.

Trust 6-1 SPL drag SPL exhaust manifold.

Trust T88-34D Turbo racing prepped with lighter shaft and porting.

Trust DRAG SPL intercooler

Greddy Type C 60mm wastegate.

4” boost piping.

HKS drag gasket kit incl head gasket.

JUN reinforced head studs.

JUN cam gears.

Nismo cam belt

RC engineering 1000 cc injectors

Kismo fuel system incl 3 bosch 044 pumps with 2 liter swirl system.´

FSE fuel pressure regulator

All fuel lines goodridge -6

Nismo GT radiator

Kismo/HKS Super drager muffler with 100 mm exhaust piping.

Nismo engine oil cooler

Castrol 10/60 TWS oil.



Exedy triple plate clutch

Nismo reinforced input shaft



Front Alcon 4 pot 34/365 mm magnesium callipers and disc bells.

Rear Nismo N1 2 pot calipers



HKS Hipermax II Revalved.

Nismo links.

Nismo Bushes front and rear.



Advan TCII cored cavity 9,5” 18”

Yokohama AVS sport 265,35,18



Nismo white clock 320 km/h and 11000 rpm.

Nismo titanium gear knob.

Connelly leather seats.

MFD2 instrument data package.



Top secret carbon hood 6,6 kg/m.

Waste sports dry carbon complete rear wing.

Nismo front underspoiler diffuser.

Nismo front brake cooling air guides

Nismo rear carbon diffuser.

Nismo side skirts.

Nismo rear under spoiler skirts.

Nismo gearbox and diff coolers with pumps and thermostats.



Blitz Sbc II boost controller.

AEM engine management with wide band lambda.

Inovative wide band sensor for cabin view.

Kenwood CD player.



To build an everyday reliable 800+ HP car which can handle well on circuits,

drag racing events and feels comfortable to drive on the street.


Project target:

0-100 under 4 secs

0-300 under 20 secs

Quarter mile under 11 secs.

Having a reliable engine for not less than 50000 kms.


Results “so far”.

0-100 km/h 2,98 secs.

0-300 km/h 19,55 secs "2005, not tested since"

Quarter mile 10,361 secs  223,05 km/h.

Won Silverstone track attack November 2004.

4th at Tuner GP Hockenheim.

Reliable engine 15000 kms.


These results has been done using normal street legal tyres and normal 98 okt fuel with a combined weight of 1738 kg including driver.