Porsche GT-K                Psycho Supra II

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New movies added 26-11-2005

Here is the three latest movies.

The first is a drive by and reving to 10000 rpm,this was the first time the engine was rev'ed beyond 9500 and basically just a test.By reving this far I can really get the car to setle down before changing to second gear during a launch,also I will have more boost available when engaging the second gear.

Second video is the second quarter mile pass performed with a slight increase in boost compared to the first one.This target by being faster that 220 km/h in the quarter mile, is a target I set this early this summer but never managed.Stage 2 the with new engine, I knew I should be able to do it so I was very pleased to actually see it happen.During video I did not rev to 10000,I believe my ET would had been faster as I hit the set rev limiter in first gear twice.For my measurements Im using a combined G-tech and GPS system,last year I did some actual testing on a track with this and during 8 passes I never saw anything but 1 hundreds of a second and 0,8 km/h of deviation from the track timing so I have to say I trust it.

Again,this is actually a target I set last year with the stage 1 engine.I set the target to be less than 20 seconds to reach 300 km/h from a stand still and I did it in my second attemt "first attempt was 20,71 seconds" and this is the onboard and outside footage we got from it.The speedo in the car was calibrated on the day with the GPS system I used ,but we did not trust it so we actually had two GPS systems in the car to record 0-300 km/h times.One said 300,00 km/h and the other 299,98 km/h,I think the first one was right as my ECU datalogging actually said 301,2 km/h.

I hope you enjoy them.