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Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo

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Psycho Supra II sold.



Im sorry to inform Ive sold my recently built Psycho II Supra, I really loved this car as you properly can tell from my story around building it, but everything comes to an end.


Basically the season is starting and I have had alot of offers to buy my car but 99% was just talking so in the end I did’nt even bother about it when people asked me.


Then a close friend comes up to me, I want that car!

This guy is in fact a little special cause he did in fact say the same thing about my old Psycho I Supra and during the build of Psycho II he said ” I will buy that car when you’re done with it”.


Apparently he meant bussines, only thing was, I was’nt done with it so I said ”look the car will cost this xxxxxx, there is no test run, you know the car, the price is fixed look all you like and make up your mind before tomorow evening.Kind of the way you try to loose a customer haha.


Its bloody 12:00 am next day and the phone rings, its him, I bet he’s calling to tell me some story bla bla bla.Then he asks me if he brings the money this evening, could he then drive the car?


Eeeeeh eeh, what????


Yes I guess, he then turned up bought the car and thats it.In our contract we agreed that he could only buy it if he will bring the car to DHB this year.So to everyone that followed the build, you can see it live then.


He is a close friend so I get to see the car every other day and this guy is a real enthusiast, he’s treating it better than I did, polishes all the time, cleans and only uses it on special occasions.Im sure I could not have sold it to any other person that would take any better care or appreciate my work any better.


So if you heard a romour, yes its true.


Kismo out