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Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo

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Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra  Twin turbo 1996.

Well this was my first really powerfull car,this was the car that tought me how refined and how overly built Japanese car were.I have to state now though, this might even be the most over built car on the planet.

A stock Toyota Supra engine can be reliable to produce more than 800 hp and the complete transmission eccept the clutch will accept more than 1100 hp and some massive 8 second drag race launches.With these things in mind I knew when I bought this car the only thing I should concentrate on was the engine.

 This car has the looks,the reliability and the potential from stock that no other cars has,, period.

So the first thing I did was to build a major engine upgrade, basically I ordered everything that could produce 800 hp as my stage 1. ď800 hp is stage 1,can you believe thatĒ

After my stage 1 I decided to build a stage 2 which really was a 1000 hp setup, unfortunatly the street fuels did not allow such power to be attained and therefore I produced whatever I could boosting to some 1,9 bar boost on the engine.I recorded 800,7 hp 857 nm and could not dyno any higher as we had some issues with grip on the dyno.I can only imagine what it could had produced with some proper fuel, but then again it has no interest for me that way, itís a street car so its being run on street fuel only.

I have to say when I sold this car I thought the Gtr would take over my Japanese super car feelings, but I must admit today, I miss the car, Altough its performance is not as impressive as my Gtr, I mean the Supra has absolutely no traction below 180 km/h and thatís a pity.The car is also a little dull on a circuit, first of all you feel very much it is a heavy car especially during direction changes and then again its traction problems.

 I still miss the way it just eats kilometres after kilometres and the cruising sensation is second to none.Simply this car gave me some kind of driving feeling and comfort the Gtr can not give me and the other way round.I regret I sold it and my recent plan is to build another Supra during 2006 if my economy will allow me, I guess like any other I will have to save and work as hard as I can to reach this goal, only time will tell.

This does not mean I would get rid of my Gtr, although everything is for sale you know, the thing is, Ive set myself a target which is to be the proud owner of both these cars, built by myself.I think alot of people will forgive me for having a dream of owning two of the world most prestigious tuning monsters in my garage at the same time.




Performance 800-1000 Bhp.

Engine spec.

HKS 87 mmrace spec Pistons.

Crower H-section conrods.

fully race ported cylinder head with matched flow.

ARP head stud kit.

ARP main bearing stud kit

JUN auto 272 Cams exh,inl.

HKS cam gears.

Custom dual valvespring and titanium retainers set for 9000 rpm.

Greddy T88H-38GK Turbo with 50 mm  runner manifold.

Greddy type C. wastegate 60 mm.

Greddy type C. blow off valve.

Full 96 mm HKS titanium exhaust.

Greddy 4 row intercooler.

Trust 16 row oil cooler.

Powerhouse racing fuel kit,dual Walbro's in tank fuel pumps with -6an fittings.

Powerhouse racing fuel rail with SX fuel pressure regulater.

Siemens 6X 960cc. injectors.

HKS Twin power ignition amplifier.

RPS carbon carbon clutch fully lightened and balanced with complete crank assembly within 111 mg.

Complete flowed inlet manifold,runners and throtle body.

AEM fully mappable engine management.

Blitz dual SBC boost controller.

AEM wide band fuel monitor.


Car spec:

Do-luck late spec-

Front bumper with undertray

side skirts

rear skirts

rear diffuser.

Do-luck rear tension set and role cage

TRD front strut brace.

HKS hipermax II suspension with pillow ball mounts.

Momo champion steering wheel

HKS gauges boost,exhaust temp,oil temp and oil pressure.

All head/tail lights on the car is 98 spec.

TRD tachometer 10000 rpm.

TRD sport seats from Recaro

Blitz techno speed Z2 wheels 10X18 rear 9X18 front

Yokohama ADVAN A048-R tyres 265,35,18 front. 285,30,18 rear.

Tinted windows 35%