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Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo

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2007 Preparations.

2007 Preparation of the Kismo Gtr.

Its November 2006 and Ive taken a long hard look at the Gtr, and to say the least it is ”tired”.


Several stone chips on the front bumper and Nismo side skirts are completely sand blasted.


The rear bumper and the Nismo under bumper skirts has small scratches from exhaust fitting/building and taking the diffuser on and off.


Wheels has really taken a beating in the center piece where Advan did not apply any paint, the shiny machine finish has begun to oxydise and does’nt look nice any more.


Several brackets in the engine bay has lost its original gold finish and basically they look older than they are.


With these things not in order I thought is was time for a vinter overhaul.I set out to mainly paint, clean and tidy things up but while I was at it as you can see from the pics I did a bit more, like creating intercooler brackets, changing suspension, anodised various alloy pieces and chroming several brackets both under the car and in engine bay, last but not least creating a new boost piping routing as I thought the Greddy pipe that connected to the turbo was very restrictive with its sharp bends just coming out from the turbo.


During this period I had a broken leg ”hence the chrutches on the floor in several pics” and it took me some two weeks to complete, I simply had to do something as I was fed up with laying on the couch with my leg up.


Here is my list of work completed incl. pictures below.


-Cleaned up brakes/pads/calipers and bleed them all out.

-Painted front bumper, complete side sills and Nismo skirts, rear bumper and Nismo under bumper skirts and the Mines rear wing got 12 coats of clear laquer.

-Painted all 4 wheels gold again incl the center piece.

-Painted inside of of UK spec headlights black (to copy jap spec Xenon’s).

-Sanded away stonechips and polished the outside of front headlights.

-New boost pipe routing for better flow and upgraded to HKS’s biggest air filter.

-Creating a new light weight intercooler bracket instead of the original heavy piece with horns.

-Chroming all brackets in engine bay and the brackets that holds up the rear diffuser under the car.

-Moving intercooler back to give better water cooling conditions.

-Changed all belts on the engine.

-Oil change and filter.

-Fitted the Apex’i N1 circuit attack suspension (great bit of kit).

-Cleaned every nook and cranny under the car a gave it a coat of rust protection.

-Anodised front brake rotor bells titanium grey.

-Anodised brake caliper mounts black.

-Anodised all Rays wheel nuts black as the blue was starting to fade.

-Anodised the slam panel  above the intercooler black, to blend better with black engine bay.

-Every single screw, clip or plastic insert has been replaced with new items.


So now finally done and Im a happy man, the car is like new or even better in some areas I think.Im just waiting for a proper 2007 season of motoring to start, as Im ready with the Kismo Gtr.