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Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo

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New Gallardo wheels.

Mercedes Tuner Kleemann from Denmark has always facinated me with their innovative products and their will to produce some unique products, their latest wheel design caught my eye right away when I saw it one day in their showroom on their Black Series.

We spoke back and forth as they specialise in Mercedes and did’nt know if they could match a set of wheels for the Gallardo.A few weeks later they contacted me and invited me for a test fit.They actually design, build and assemble the wheels ”in house”.

The wheel not only looks awesome but has a few trick functions as well, first up is its clever wide lip is mega strong as its not aluminum, its actually polished stainless steel.How do they keep their weight down then? Well they actually made the lip in alloy and has had the stainless ”wrapped around it”.So the stainless skin, is a thin ultra strong and weather resistant solution.

Have you noticed the spokes ?? Does turbo or compressor wheel spring to mind? Note have the spokes have spun blades, they actually draw air at speed through the centre of the wheel through the brakes and also reduces wheel arch pressure which also both gains you some downforce, greater topspeed and better fuel economy.

On another note, they managed to keep the weight down within 200 grams of my OZ wheels even though they are designed for 2 ton S Class Mercedes’s cars, so they’re also strong as FCUK.

My favorites part is the increased brake caliper appearence, wide polished lip and the fact they’re very rare,,,,, for now..So basically another Gallardo wheel is now an option check out their site

Kismo out.