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Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo

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Kismo is back

Kismo is back,

Thats right boys and girls, the Kismo Gtr is back.

Whilst visting my old man due to his 60th birthday the phone rings, it a friend who states a guy has shown huge interest in my Porsche.I tell him its not for sale, twice that same day!!!,.

Next day he calls back and says give me a price, if its to much you’ll never hear from him again.

I reply with a ”decent price J ” and hang up.4 hours later he urges me to check my account.

The guy had payed in full without even seeing the car, can you believe that haha.

So I offered to meet him to hand over the vehicle next day, that night I spent alot of time thinking what Id do now, I had sold my perfect coming project and to find another car with such a nice base would be very difficult not to mention redicolous expensive. 

Whatever I was thinking I always ended up thinking about my Kismo Gtr.

I woke up next morning and I knew what I had to do, give my partner a call and see if he would sell the Kismo back to me?.

At first the thought I was joking but after a minut or so he realised I was dead serious.He had only done some 900 km in the car and had huge problems with the local police due to noise and the attention the car was getting.The Skyline Gtr has had many problems being accepted by the police and various TUV/MOT stations in Switzerland, even standard cars.My car was absolutly imposible to register and he had no joy driving it around if he could not relax and enjoy the car.

In the end we dealt, I payed and drove my baby home.I tell you guys, the feeling was just sooooo right and I knew I had done the right thing, in fact maybe its back for good now?.

So to all my loyal Kismo Gtr friends, its back, Im sorry I had to diviate to German engineering for while but I had to try it.

Kismo out.