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Ford Escort Cosworth

Ford Escort Cosworth 1994.

This was my first proper dream car, living in uk for a long time groving up I think almost every youngster dreams about having an Escort Cossie.

The Escort has a very big place in my heart, this car tought me basically everything I know today.I had this car for 3 years and every single day something new was tested developed and tested to improve its performance, both engine and suspension wise.

This car tought me a very very important thing, reliability comes first, not those last 10 or 50 hp more.Simply all the failures and being towed home tought me that when you build a high performance car you HAVE to be hysterical with attention to detail.

During my learning curve with this car I blew up some 3 engines and had more than 8 headgasket failures.Several times I had had enough and just wanted to get rid of the car, but something just kept me trying to solve whatever problem which occurred, the car was simply a dream whilst running correct.The blown head gaskets was the worst nightmares because of the magnitude of work required to fix it every time.In the end I became hysterical I simply contacted various race engine builders how to overcome this problem but no one ever gave me information I needed.

In the end Bob from Rallyespares in UK came to the rescue and gave me a bullet proof recipe for a 500 hp engine, I built it and he was right, the engine just went and went, as in did not explode.

After some 15000 km I got bored with doing aerodynamic tweeking and fitting various suspension upgrades and thought about fitting a stand alone engine management system to try and squeeze out some more power.

I bought the Omex 500 and had no idea, I fitted it producing and even  produced my own wiring loom as well, after 10 days of intens testing and research on the net and reading various manuals I had full control of  programming an engine.Again I had to push the engine and learn the hard way and in the end melted a piston due to detonation.

After this, I kind of knew the boundaries of fuel and ignition tuning so I rebuilded the engine again and mapped the engine with new confidence.This was the last rebuild prior to selling it, by the time I sold the car it had done some 35000 reliable km’s in the car so I felt succesfull as I had reached a goal I had been dreaming of, I guess from the very beginning I knew within myself that one day I would eventually be able to build it correct.


Ford Escort Cosworth 1994 specs.



200 racing Cosworth block

Cosworth racing pistons 7,4-1 compression ration

Grp.A oil pump.

Fully Race ported head with reshaped combustion champer.

BD14 camshafts.

Kent adjustable cam gears.

Grp.A head gasket with wire rings.

ARP head stud and nut kit.

T4 RS500 race turbo rebuilded at Turbonetics which altered both in/ex trims.

RS500 intercooler with 3”piping.

Stainless steel hard piping.

50 mm alloy radiator.

Home made plenum from stainless steel with 90 mm throttle body.

Custom made valve cover with an ignition coil pr cylinder.


Every hose and pipe connection from Samco.

Grp.N engine mounts.

Omex 500 engine management.



6 speed R&D straight cut dog box.

6 puck AP race clutch assembly, circuit version.

2wd lightened flywheel.

Strenghtened prop shaft for rear and front diff.



AVO Grp.N suspension,magnesium dampers with bump and rebound adjustments.

Every single bush or link is replaced with either custom Nylon,alloy or powerflex.

Willwood 6 pot brakes with 340x32 mm discs.

Speedline Corse WRC wheels 8x18”.

Wide track spacers for WRC setup.



WRC front bumper and rear wing made from Kevlar.

Alloy ducting for intercooler effiency.

Twin headlight conversion.



Corbeau corse seats FIA approved.

Momo Champion steering wheel.

Snap of steering boss.

Sparco alloy pedals.

Clarion 5” tv with 6 cd changer.

Autostyle rev counter with shiftlight.

2,5 bar boost gauge.

AFR gauge narrow band.

HKS boost controller.

Tinted windows.