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Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo

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DHB 2009

What a weekend, as usual thousands of gear heads had turned up prior to us even though we turned up early Thursday.

We were the usual group of 4-5 people, my closest friends incl the owner of my last Toyota Supra.

Its the first time I attended DHB without breaking a record in mind, but I  had a few targets still.This year was the first since 2004 I had a new project, the Lamborghini Gallardo Twin turbo.I still had my Kismo Gtr as I had to have a 10 second car in case the Gallardo did’nt cut it.

Any how my targets was simply to post an 11,2 and above 225 km/h with the Gallardo, my Gtr usually runs those 10,4’s 223-225.

The G-TT is really hard to launch properly, it either wheel spins ridicolous or bogs of the line so I was hoping for great traction at a proper track.

This year the DHB organisers has opted to move the start line aprx 1 kilomters uptrack so we had zero traction both Friday and Saturday, it was a huge let down.I mean it was same for everyone but to reach my targets it was uphill.

To give you an idea, I really had to push the Kismo Gtr to post 10,8-10,9’s.I did a few runs Friday with it prior to running the G-TT, and after really strugling to post good times I was affraid my G-TT would suck!

A Lamborghini is really not a drag car, so the only thing which could save the day is a powerfull engine which I believe I had, but the with this slippery track it would be really tough getting traction.The G-TT’s main issue is its 1.gear, it does 100 km/h so its a very long/tall gear and mine is the E-gear version so I dont personally have complete clutch control which means the factory/Bosch desides how to release the MY clutch.And for your information, it always either too quick or too slow.

Anyhow I had a huge sigh of release as I posted a much better time than what I expected, my first ever G-TT pass was 11,38 sec and 215 km/h.I know it is not a time that will set the world on fire but honestly considering track conditions and E-gear clutch function I was expecting a 12,2-12,3.After all remember I had to rev the nuts of the Kismo Gtr to post high 10’s.

I was really happy with it and here you can see it from another car ”the car I was racing” Im sorry I dont have a proper video from my first run..Next run was versus a 600+ hp Nissan Gtr 35 and it was tough, The new Gtr has lightning launches and gearshifts but fortunatly I managed to pass him after some 300 meters and post a 11,56 time.Here’s a video with both cars running and the run against the new Gtr.

The video illustrates very well how crap the E-gear clutch function is.Any how, I believe with a better track I could have reached my target of 11,2 but as I was nowhere near the 225 km/h so I will need to find som additional horse power,,watch this space J

Later on that weekend we actually did a very interesting experiment, we did 3 runs, Kismo Gtr VS Gallardo TT from 130 km/h to 270 km/h and guess what!!! The Gallardo TT was the faster, at aprx 180 km/h the efficient Gallardo aerodynamics and the now boosted 5,0 liter Lambo engine took over and I could reach 270 km/h aprx 3 car lenghts ahead, if only I could launch that bloody G-TT the world would be a better place.

Last but not least, thank you everyone at DHB, organisers, competitors, friends, Lambo haters and lovers J You know who you are..I had a great weekend And I look forward to seing ya’ll next year and hopefully demonstrating a 225+ km/h run in the G-TT..

Kismo out.