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Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo

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DHB 2007 Report.



DHB 2007 Photos


What a weekend, best ever event Ive gone to I believe.

This year saw by far the quickest cars and drag times ever in Danish street car drag races, we had I believe 15 cars into the 10s and 3 or 4 into the 9s.


However on world league we are not the best but our track is being run very rarely so traction is a problem, I believe many of our cars given a proper track would see 9s as our trap speeds indicate so.


This year was a real result as all projects I worked on had been finished and tested in time so I had a few friends coming with me to the event, cars I had built as well.My old Supra was there as we had made that deal during the sale, and then my other friend Thomas managed to get the last parts for his car so I could install them already Monday before the event so he could attend also which meant 3 awesome cars built in Kismo garage J


To top that of I have just bought myself a new VW Touareg V10 diesel as I travel alot and thought all these miles should be done in complete comfort and not wasting my valuable Kismo R34  engine everytime I travel 1000 thousands of miles across Europe.


Just before the event I visited Yokohama headquarters in Denmark to grap some Advan stickers for the cars.When I arrived I saw alot of big boxes which stated KAHN on the side, I knew they were wheels and to cut a long story short I discovered that Yokohama Denmark had become the new sole importer of these lovely wheels.By coincedence I saw they had 10x22 wheels that fitted my Touareg and then I thought to myself, I need those wheels on the Touareg so I can bring that to the event as well.So  I made a deal and left with wheels, tyres and Advan stickers J


The wheels was fitted same evening and a friend from VW helped out with lowering my airsuspension as it had to been done electronically with an orig VW test unit.So now the car was decent and then I was able to offer a friend a ride in comfort to DHB if he would drive my Touareg there.He thought about it 4 seconds and said,,,deal.


Well, we arrived at the scene and my friend Christian Frost from had fixed 3 spots for the Kismo Gtr and for the two Supra’s.It was bloody awesome, normally arriving at this event is a complete nightmare but Christain had organised just about everything even a caravan to sleep in.I will end this chapter by saying from my entire group, big thanks to Christian and Lasse for organising everything for us and giving us such a nice place to park safely, sleep at, food and the aprx. 1242 Cult shakers.


Saturday race day.

I went to inspect the track and it looked not to good, in fact it was so bad I reprogrammed my launch tecnique to a more sutle strategie.I backed of the antilag and used just a rpm limiter which would result in lower boost at launch to prevent to much wheels spin.

I then went up, staged the car, held throttle to the floor and the launch system was building some 0,7 bar boost, I released the clutch gently and the car hooked pretty good, I slipped it a little and I was of.My best ET to date is a 10,72 last year and this first pass proved to be my new record right away, 10,60 222 km/h.

That encouraged me to try again later on, aprx one hour later as all the other classes had to run.I staged in again, launch control and relased the clutch slihgtly faster to launch harder than before only to find my car having so much traction it lost boost and bogged of the line, anyway I floored it and managed a 11,00 which is not bad for almost stalling at the line.

That really pissed me of that I had’nt gone up into the staging area to check grip levels, just this last hour the track had become so much better which in turn meant my 10,60 time was very ”beat’able” so while driving back to the pits I called my girlfriend and told her ”Im going into the track area directly again to run, can you bring my laptop right away?”.

My plan was simple, it was time to run my newly developed antilag ”bang bang bang” launch system, while udjusting several paramters on the laptop I thought the track would be even better this time so I will add 800 rpm to my current limit plus the antilag, just to be sure not to bog of the line again.


Im then staging again, flooring it and this time it was like new years eve, huge flames and cracking noise sorround the Gtr as I watch my boost climb to some 1,45 bar I then let the clutch out a little, the car starts to move and I slip the last bit, I just wanted to be sure it would’nt bog and whooosh the Kismo had left the building ”the line that is”.I knew this would be better, it turns out it was 10,51 221 km/h so I had beaten my record again.


That was my final run of the day, I was happy my stock transmission was still in one piece as this is my main concern, no one seems to know how much they will take.

I was happy but not really, this Saturday evening I was thinking back on my clutch procedure during my 10,51 and I regreted I had slipped the clutch that little ekstra on my launch, basically it was not to bog but when thinking back the car plenty of boost and I was quite sure I could have launched even harder.


Sunday, last day.

When I woke up I knew what I had to do! I had to beat that 10,51 in order to have peace in my head  I knew the car could do it so I got out of bed and went straight to check tyre pressures, they were quite high as the sun had come out today so I lowered them quite a bit compared to yesterday.I adjusted my rear wing to the minimum downforce I could.I then had a look at my laptop again to check my launch strategie and ended up adding another 200 rpm to my launch rpm’s.

I then waited for the track to gain some temperature and went up to the staging area, I was like in a trance, I was so focused on what I had to do, it had been in my mind for some 16 hours now.


I then staged the car, flored it, was sorrounded by flames, smoke, and an engine screaming from antilag ”leeeeet me gooooo” while boosting some 1,54 bar, it then turned green, I released the clutch just to get movement and as soon as I felt the rear squad I just let it out! This time I left the line coming bat out’a hell!!! I changed to second gear at some 9800 rpm and started to pray ”please dont let me miss my shift into third gear” I knew this would be good if I would make it to the end, bang straight into third gear no problem and fourth was easy.I passed the finish line and started to look for my mobile, people used to sms my results right away.

Only this time I could’nt find the phone, I always keep it in my door handle, I started to stress reaching under the seat and everything, I then took of my helmet and suddenly I could hear it ring.The bloody thing was ringing and I could’nt find it so I pull over, get out of the car and see it in the back seat! Get that, the phone had flewn from my doorhandle in a straight line onto the back seat, not out of my door handle onto the floor but onto the rear seat.I picked it up and first thing I hear is friends ”I had no idea who called me” chearing and some person saying 10,36 10,36.

That was it, I went to get my time slip and there is was 10,361 223,05 km/h I was so happy and releaved.This was really better than I had anticipated, I had dreamt about low 10,4x bracked.

That really concluded my weekend and I had no other targets to reach.

I drove back to the pit area to my girlfriend,Touareg with 22” wheels J, friends Supra’s, and Christian and simply enjoyed the moment, what a rush.


I know this time is the fastest anyone has ever gone but its the fact that you really work hard to achieve something, you and your machine works together as one part on accomplish something you dream about, a goal you set had been reached, end of story.


Its all about that kind of satisfaction you get from that, now I could finally relax and enjoy watching  the finals of the event.


I still have not recieved any video graphics from any of my runs and I know people are editing at the moment so hopefully soon I will post the runs live, until then Here is a few photos.


See ya .

Kismo over and out.