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Touareg W12

Sorry for my long time not updating but I will try in near future to be generous with updates, a lot has happened the past year (2008) and I will share everything here with you as usual.

After having top of line diesel power from my V10 Touareg I came across this unbelievable car.I never knew anything about Vw had  produced a W12 Touareg.

It started during some work here in Switzerland, I was at my workshop when I sudenly heard something powerfull passing outside, I ran out to check, but no super cars was visible.As I was working I did’nt spend much looking and went back in, then an hour later the sound was back and I ran out only to view a Touareg and a bunch people surrounding it.

The sound was still there but very low, I decided to walk towards the car and as I came closer I could tell it came from the Touareg..The owner was very bad in English so I had a hard time trying to find out what this was about.I soon realise the car packs a W12 fuel engine and as Im standing behind it a friend of his hits the throttle, seriously it sounded like an Aston Martin at Le Mans 24H.That was it, my V10 diesel had to go and my new commuter baby was found.

I soon found out they were very limited in Europe, in fact only 399 examples was produced and 360 has been exported to Saudi Arabia so the few examples left in Europe was quite expensive.

Anyhow to cut a very very very long story short I managed to find this car with only 40500 km on the clock, 2006 model and still warranty from Vw so I bought it November 2007 and I must say.I have been very fortunate to own some pretty nice cars in my time but this car is the BEST overall car I have ever owned PERIOD.

The luxury combined with an engine from hell, paddle gear shift, the suede leather seats and numerous electrical functions this car packs has just blown me away.This car was designed back in 2005 and to be honest, I have no idea how I can replace it, it is nothing shorter than awesome.

I have made a few modifications as building a stainless steel exhaust system from cat.back, chip tuned it (503 hp) lowered it 52mm and fitted these lovely 22” KHAN rims which Yokohama Scandinavia suply’ed for my V10 back in 2006.

Enjoy the pictures.