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Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo

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Veilside GTR

This is Veilside Japan's test car, yes it actually the car you most likely have seen  doing 0-300 km/h record attempts, sub 10 second quarter mile passes, producing more than 1000 AWHP and this is the car that has done  more than 340 km/h.

The history and stories could go on and on, these days the car is Z-racing's show car, it has all the body kit with all their  aerodynamic features that Veilside ran for their top speed tests.The car has been totally repainted and look unbelievable to say the least.

All its fuel systems, suspension parts,Carbon fiber dash, wheels etc etc is still there.Today is has a "mild" engine tune of some 800 hp, which consists of a twin turbo setup using two HKS GT2835 turbo's.The car is more or less still a drag,high speed or show car, is has no power steering or window wipers.

If you are looking for a Skyline R34 to any such similar projects as Veilside had. you have the best platform right here to start your project with.This car needs an engine and transmission to set new records everything else is still there, but hey its got 800 hp now and could beat a few other cars allready, you will set its new limit.