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Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo

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Silvia drift

The Silvia S15 always puts a big smile on my face, this is an ex JGTC car which has been converted to a full blown drift car, this car is the one I always end up doing the most laps in when we test simply because it is outright fun and games.It is so easy to drive and to carry out big high speed drifts in this car. The car is now a proper race car with alot of trick suspension parts and aerodynamics but  the diff has been locked (alot) and rear stiffened to provide oversteer and believe me, it oversteers.

The car is a joy to drive because of the the superior handling, especially the steering respons is really impressive, this will of course generate  oversteer but when you know the car well, you can actually still put in some fast lap times.Even though the car only has some 290 hp it will utterly blow an M3 CSL away on Hockenheim circuit, my big joke is always catch up a Porche or M3  pass it, and then make a mega drift next corner just to show how easy it is to drive.

The car even has a full street interior and aircon so if you have "connections" you could end up having a proper D1 road going drift car.

Do you want fun, reliabilty, and awesome appearence look no further, this is it.