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Holeby drag update:


I thought I’d take some time to bring out a few facts concerning my race against Michael Tinglev at this event.

First up and straight to the point, I did in fact loose my race against Michael as I jump started, by 0,127 secs.By jump starting you’re automatically disqualified.

My best time during this run was 7,291 and Michael’s was 7,212.

BUT.My first pass of the day I did a 7,090 (fastest time of the day) which was the time I was reffering to in the discussion afterwards when I showed Michael’s mechanic the evidence (the time slip I had in my car) he then stated that it was an an old time slip in my car from last year.This comment was such a ridiculous statement, I said ”lets race again, only this time I will even bring a passenger in my car!!!

Basically during my runing with Michael I missed my shift from 2nd to 3rd gear and lost my few hundreds of a second by doing that so I knew if I would not fuck the start and make some decent gear changing I would be able to win, even with a passenger.

Michael’s Mechanic said I was an idiot and would not realise I had lost, even though I said ”yes I know  I was disqualified from jumping the start”.He then turned down my offer to race again and gave me more verbal abuse.

In the end he left and I decided to leave the track.

So to sum things up, Michael did indeed win his race but I did the fastest time of the day which I was happy with.

And to top everything of, our cars are built for different purposes.My car is an everyday runing car and his is dedicated drag racing build.This particular 1/8 mile Holeby circuit suited my car better than his car as it was more a normal street surface and not track bite prepared drag racing surface.I am very well aware of on a normal drag strip I have no chance, Michael has done a 9,9x and my best is 10,72 so I hope this will finalise this discussion.

Here are both time time slips to prove my 7,090 time and Michael’s 7,212


”link slip 1”                                  ”link slip 2”                              Final results




Kismo over and out J