Pictures                GT-K specs


565,9 hp and 801,4 nm, running 98 unleaded pump gas.

 Well As I, was pretty sure Ive maxed out my current setup by tuning on the street I decided to go for a power run to see where I was at.

Ive been fine tuning and adjusting the ecu for 2 weeks now so the car actually feels very smooth and Id almost say from factory alike.Ive raised the boost to 1,4 bar dropping to 1,3 bar and its pretty powerfull I must say.

Anyway, my friend from Kenneth which owns and runs K-tech was kind enough to lend me his dyno for some hours and I must say, besides from getting a good idea where I was at, I actually managed to find some 50 newton meters of torque which was a nice surprice.

I arrived having 750 nm and was quite happy with that but I knew I had a funny spot in the mapping Id like to test but it would be pushing the engine a bit, so I connected various diagnostic equipments to the car and I sat listening and viewing the data as Kenneth sat in the car for the last run and operated the pedals.Basically I was listening for detonation as I thought my latest test would bring that on but it did’nt and I managed to find those 50 nm’s of torque.

I tryed many ways to find more outright horse power but no matter what I did it would not post higher that 565 hp, I was having massive problems with intake temperatures and I blame the temperatures for holding back a proper horse power read, by the end of every run I had more than 80 degrees of intake temperature due to no cooling device which could cool the back of the car..On the street however I never see more than 47-50 degrees so I suspect my power is really closer to 600 hp at this moment.

Anyway, here’s the dyno plot and Im quite happy with it for the time being.Im running dead even with 750-800 hp Toyota Supra’s and Ive still got a car which can produce full boost below 3500 rpm.The car is very driveable and powerfull enough to take on almost everything which runs in my ”hood” J .

Base run VS final run